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DolledupCupcakes is a bakery in the making. So newho if you go through my blog you will see pictures of cupcakes and all things sweet, as well as pictures of things that interest me. There will be some other random blogging too. so please follow.


Suicide Girls Fernanda and Almas Gemelas

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Other than the blush DO NOT use any of these. (although I wouldn’t advise the blush tip either, the colour will look splotchy, instead apply it with your fingertips or a foundation brush)

Cornstarch is terrible as a setting powder (read here)

Crayons ARE NOT for use on the skin and when melted in the wrong conditions the formula can turn toxic and chemical reactions can occur.

Petroleum Jelly is dangerous for the lashes, I haven’t met an optometrist who advises it, it can even cause blindness.  (read here)

Cinnamon should not be used to create a lip plumper, unless you are a professional cosmetic chemist don’t make any makeup/skincare products. Cinnamon is rarely used in lip-plumpers nowadays.

It’s called ELF and Wet N Wild and it’s $1 people.

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